City of Yellow Roses

For Valentine’s Day, the City of San Antonio was transformed into The City of Yellow Roses. The full campaign included traditional print, and the River Walk was adorned with thousands of yellow roses, and many outdoor displays were on site to round out the campaign. Watch the campaign reel for more.

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Digitally, The Gentlemen’s Guide blog launched a place for visitors to watch animated instructional videos on dating, and get advice for submitted questions from an expert. Matching iPhone and Android game apps quized you on your gentlemanly knowledge. Social integration, and targeted rich media added to the campaign whole.

San Antonio expert

The Gentlemen’s Guide

gentlemen's guide

Online expert dating advice and instructional videos

Mobile gaming app

iPhone & Android gaming apps to quiz your gentlemanly pedigree.

san antonio quiz app

A recent rich media mobile ad campaign from the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau saw more than 60 percent of targeted consumers engage with the ad, spending an average of 19 seconds interacting with the creative.

— Mobile Marketer

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photography project image

Photography & Digital Art

Short a photographer on a one-day turn for social imagery, I begin to venture into product photography. Over the last few years, my product photos have ended up on Facebook, in magazines, at trade-shows, and more.

The personal photos are a couple that I like. One day I will add a personal photo gallery.


cavalli audio photography
  • project photography
  • project photography
  • project photography

Personal Shots / Digital Art

Vector Lighthouse Digital Art
vector design Digital Art

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WebProfessional & Personal

Visit San Antonio Website

Winner of the W3 gold award for best tourism website

A comprehensive resource tool for potential visitors, and residents alike, of San Antonio to find information, or book: Lodging, Attractions, Shopping, Dining, Transportation, Deals, and even LTO’s - limited time offers.

web projects san antonio

Advanced data filtering

Extensive social integration with Facebook login through GIGYA

Integrated Trip Advisor consumer review database

Mobile optimized

book your stay on
trip advisor functionality
san antonio mobile web
mobile optimized web

interactive website

Unforgettable San Antonio brings a themed interactive desktop site to highlight some of San Antonio’s main attractions. Three themes in all. Users could click on items to bring up information and engaging videos. Booking a stay right from the page encouraged visitors to finalize the family’s vacation plans.

Custom-made vector icons & Backgrounds

Template-free, one-page, freestyle design

CSS3 animations for media-heavy fast page load

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Pocket Your Portable

As the contract Director of communication for Cavalli Audio, a small premium boutique amplifier manufacturer, I frequently ran into situations where a needed resource wasn't on tap. During those few years, I taught myself everything from vector design, to Java, print production - to name a few. Here are some examples of that work for an International social contest.

Full lifecycle execution

Facebook Contest

Facebook Contest

Strategy : Design & Copy : Legal Development : Social engagement : Winner announcement & fullfillment

contest rules
contest legal document
Social post
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Stacks Image p1383472_n1354044

Grew Facebook audience 400% over 1 year.

Online & Offline

Vector Logo Design
Product Takeaways
Banner Design
vector logo
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print design

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Cargill Project

Overly Uncomplicated

Rich with history, Cargill Meat Solutions - of Schweigert Meats - found itself going the way of a brand your grandfather would buy. Cargill needed a fresh face, and needed to get the message out about their new healthy alternatives. Instead of crafting together a new and shiny brand face, the focus was instead placed on how uncomplicated and no-fuss these meat solutions are. Cargill should embrace its long legacy of quality of over 50 years.

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Online Rich media supported traditional print and TV. A new website launched, and a new Facebook page, which lead to a few contests to win grills, cash and swag. To promote Cargill’s turkey products, at Thanksgiving, a national sweeps was launched with an interactive tool to help plan food item contribution among guests, and shared by Facebook.

Overly Uncomplicated

web home page

Web & Social

uncomplicated online ads
social CTA
online banner ad

Facebook Studio award for outstanding social creative

campaign facebook page

Our Facebook fans grew by 39X, and the Facebook posts averaged an organic fan reach of 31%. The CTRs of the online ads averaged 5.5% (industry standard is 0.10%). With over three-million online impressions served, the campaign drove a conversion rate of 20% - and made some really funny ads.

— Cargill PR

Integrated sweepstakes with Interactive online tool & social sharing

Turkify Dish Decider

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bancvue project

Total Money Makeover

BancVue has many valuable, yet untraditional financial products. The mission is one of example-setting, and education/awareness for the consumer. A fresh web face, a sweepstakes partnership with financial guru, Dave Ramsey, with extensive online media support, combined with traditional media helped BancVue achieve its goal.

BancVue sets the example, and then fights for the underdog by providing consulting solutions to local banking institutions to be able to compete with Megabanks. BancVue’s innovative products combined with dynamic marketing make BancVue’s solutions a success - through educating the consumer - and your local bank on its feet.

bancvue website
social contest with Dave Ramsey

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3M Project

Tower Solutions

In this b2b campaign, 3M needed to get the word out to Tower Communication leaders about their revolutionary fiber-connection product that would save them time and money over the obsolete version currently in use.

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Illustrated web video offered a first-hand look at exactly how 3M’s products work. Add in a resource website, white papers, and interactive media, and the wireless tower communication industry could clearly see the benefits of 3M’s innovation.

3m communication product
3m website home

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John Trull can

What I do

Interactive Producer, and Project Manager of digitally-focused projects is the label that best fits what I do.

This site showcases over 10 years of experience working in the Digital and Interactive advertising landscape: Information Technology, digital management and production are my bread-and-butter. But Digital is only part of the communication whole. Fully integrated campaigns serve the greater picture. I have had opportunities directing the communication for a blossoming yet small international brand, finding myself in situations where resources were not available. I have had great experiences designing and delivering the full execution of not only online, but many offline projects as well, and leading cross-media campaigns to create that full-bodied message.

I leverage any medium possible to deliver the greatest impact.

See the contact info below.

I would love to hear what’s on your mind — say hi, or see if I might be a good fit for your upcoming strategy.